Wednesday, August 15, 2007

The lady-friend.

This is Britnee.
She is Mr. Nielson's younger brother 'Elder Nielson's lady-friend.
Because Elder Nielson (who's real name is Marcus) is in Germany right now, we get to visit with Britnee on special occasions.

Like after she spent 3 months in Tokyo modeling (and hitting the sweet clubs where she hung out with Maroon 5 (yes, even JAMES my sister-in-law Lisa's brother), Red Hot Chili peppers, and even the likes of Axel Rose.)

She came over with treasures that only Japan could have possibly offered- like darling wooden tops for the children, beautiful painted chop sticks for Mr. Nielson and I, and delicious confections that the girls gobbled up in a jiff.

She is also really good at having gum in her purse. She is sort of like Mary Poppins, but without the umbrella, organ shoes, and apron.

She is really fun, and smiles a lot. We like people who smile a lot.

I really hope Elder Nielson (in Germany) is really lucky and "Britnee Mary Poppins" is still around next year so we can make "Britnee Mary Poppins" a