Sunday, July 22, 2007

Mid-Summer Eve.

Sunday was lovely.

a. Mr. Nielson made it safely back from the ranch in New Mexico early this morning. Herding cows and stomping around in cowboy boots with wranglers is not as fun when no one is there to whistle at you and slap your
you-know-what. (well that's what I think he thinks anyway)
b. Mr. Nielson made dinner.

c. Mr. Nielson loves garlic.
d. A lovely after-dinner gathering was held in the backyard where the children acted as fairy's and we drank fresh strawberry-blueberry-vanilla smoothies.

Oh, and Oliver pretended to shoot his sisters. (don't tell him)

This (in my opinion) is how everyone should spend their

Sunday evenings on a Mid-summer's eve.

Do I see another vacation in my future? Yes, I think I do.

Try a "Fairy Smoothie" here.