Thursday, July 12, 2007

Love passages to my Mr. Nielson

Dear Mr Nielson,

Today we declared a day on the lake would and should be in order.

So we packed up a lunch, packed up all the children and Lindsay and I met Olga in her Malibu waiting for us.

What a glorious time we had-except for Claire who was in tears 50% of the time. She truly is our "Cautious Claire."
I searched many art stores looking for a silk-screen printing kit, since I want so badly to understand how one goes about doing that.
Dinner tonight was wood-oven pizza. They were delicious. I am really fond of grilled pears and onions with a nice white sauce.
Mr. Nielson, I really miss cooking for you.
I miss you.

-your darling.

PS. Remember my MAC lipstick in bright red that went down our drain-less sink? Would you be a dear and fish it out?