Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Love passages to my Mr. Nielson

My darling Mr. Nielson,
What a lovely day I have had today. Not as lovely as if you were present, but nice enough to write about it. The children were happy today. Mr. Nicholas is starting to bite my you- know-whats, and I am not too fond of that.
I went on a delectable bike ride with Lucy and Andrew. Cruising is such a thrill.
We drove past the Wiley residence and admired their craftsman home.

Remember having that delightful dinner with them not but a week ago. Remember her hand-squeezed lemonade? Remember the gorgeous interior of the home? Remember June's nursery? It's always nice when you see a home that someone has put so much beautiful effort into it.
Remember the red door? Brilliant!

What a enchanting dinner party we were lucky enough to enjoy.
The news that Reachel and Andrew got a puppy made me so happy. The children and I can hardly wait to see her.
We are so lucky to have such beautiful friends-friends who are so smart, talented, and spiritual. What could possibly be better.
I must close this passage, I am taking our darling Jane on a mother-daughter adventure now. Probably to the beautiful mountains to explore.

You are inimitable, irresistible. You are the delight of my life.
I miss you!

your darling.