Friday, July 20, 2007

Hot summer project

It was only 110 yesterday so I thought,
I'd go outside and make a project

These lil beauties are called crepe paper blossoms.
I have about 200 of them spread out around my house.
I picked the branches from my neighbors lemon tree.

It is 5:30 am.
For some reason, Mr. Nicholas decided to be up.
It is very peaceful. Last night we had a major
dust storm with some pretty spectacular lightning
This morning it is calm and serene.
Maybe I'll make some more blossoms.
Anyone want any?

Remember when I used to do FRIDAY FACE? Well, I still do-or will. FF will be continued September 1st. Get ready to get to know some dang awesome peeps. On the other hand,

I have been featured here. Check it out.

Are you hot and don't feel like cooking?

This one is for you.
Oh, and you have to be a fan of tuna.