Thursday, July 05, 2007

Dear Mr. Nielson, Day 1

Dear Mr. Nielson,
Today you went back to the lethal state of heat. You left me and your four children in the hands of my sisters, Mother and Father.

I really miss you.

I told Katie to check up on you, but then took it back because it sounded kinky and I don’t think that her husband would appreciate that.
I just sat around in my pajamas. Courtney came over and I made her a “Christian Classic Sandwich” except I didn’t put on nearly half the greens-the way you like it. Then we talked about Mitt Romney, and Al Gore III. It was not nearly as entertaining talking about it without you.
I finally got around to getting dressed and visited our newest, cutest little nephew Luke. He is a doll and has a Joseph Smith nose, kinda like Oliver. Remember that?
Remember the family picnic? Remember when Ryan showed up?

Remember the high kick?
Remember your beautiful daughter Claire?

Remember our lil sweetie-pie Jane?

How 'bout me? Don't forget me.

Oliver is watching Woooodie.
Remember when we stayed up late in bed reciting lines from Toy Story and Nemo?
I love you darling! I will write you tomorrow.

Love always,
your darling.