Friday, June 22, 2007

NieNie's Friday Face:

Presenting my dog
Jimmy is a pure bread Brittany {Spaniel}. I bought Jimmy as a surprise present for Christian a few weeks before we got married. Jimmy has been around longer than any of our children. The Nielson litter, through the years have done their share of crawling, biting, hitting, poking and squeezing him. He is long-suffering, never thinking of retaliating…ever.I will admit, I have hit him a time or two with the broom, but that is because he sometimes eats his own poo- Its gross.
Nie: Jimmy I just have to ask,why do you eat your poo?
Jimmy: because I just get so hungry.
Nie: I feed you everyday
Jimmy: So.
Nie: Where did you get your name?
Jimmy: From my master’s favorite band Jimmy Eat World. Not to be confused with "Jimmy eat poo" that's funny.
Nie: Wait, if Mr. Nielson is your master, what does that make me?
Jimmy: You are like my Mom.
Nie: Your mom? That’s weird!
Jimmy: Well, you feed me, take me for walks and make sure I get shaved every 3 months. Thanks by the way.
Nie: Your welcome, I guess. What is your favorite time of day?
Jimmy: What is time? I like the part when I get to go swimming in the canal.
Nie: Who is your favorite Nielson child?
Jimmy: Claire doesn’t pay attention to me, Jane yells at me really loud in the morning, Oliver tortures me, so I am going to go with Nicholas.
Nie: You just wait. What has been your favorite dinner that you have jumped up on the table to eat?
Jimmy: Oh, the neighbors steaks. I don't like your style of cooking. Sorry, but it’s true.
Nie: Then why do you jump up on the table when we are not looking?
Jimmy: Would you rather me do that or eat my poo?
Nie: It’s a toss up. What are some words you live by?
Jimmy: Run away from the broom
Nie: I haven’t hit you with the broom since we lived in New Jersey!
Jimmy: That was appalling!
Nie: You were really annoying and I was pregnant.
Jimmy: Right.
Nie: What is one word that describes you?
Jimmy: Hyper
Nie: That is just what I was thinking, weird.

Don't eat your own poo, go here.