Monday, June 04, 2007

My Vegetarin life, Day two

Letting my children help me cook is so gratifying.
I always take them to the market with me to pick out our produce, they enjoy looking for the best of the best from peaches to beets.
I want them to examine the colors and the shapes and touch the textures.
Today at the market, Jane chose a coconut to try.
I was happy to oblige. Getting it open, that's a different story.
Get used to seeing this photo of oatmeal...we have it every morning.
(except for Saturday)


Fresh fruit atop organic vanilla yogurt.
I love mine with a sprig of mint.
Favorite fruit mix-ins...apricots, blueberries, strawberries.


Today for lunch, since it was 107 outside we all decided on a watermelon, berry smoothie.
(in our swimming suits) Smoothies around out house are very common. Mr. Nielson enjoys coming home from work and making one to share with his family. "Something to look forward to-sitting on the porch swing, watching the children drink in goodness"...Well said honey, well said!
We also had whole wheat toast with honey and a handful of mixed nuts & berries.


Dinner tonight was grilled portobello mushrooms-zucchini tacos. When you cut the portobello's and zucchini's lengthwise they turn into the perfect vegetarian taco filler. I season mine with plenty of coarse salt and pepper, and Mexican oregano. Jack cheese and my own homemade salsa go perfect on top of the goodness.

My homemade salsa was used with only the best ingredients. Just yesterday the 'garden fairy' stopped by our house delivering the best of what early summer has to offer. With ripened tomatoes, peppers and jalapenos. Of course what is salsa without chips? Mr. Nielson pretended he was Juan from our local 'Food City', which offers the best of Mexican bounty and made regular corn tortillas into Delicious chips.