Wednesday, June 06, 2007

My Vegetarian life, Day three


You've seen it before, and you will see it again. Mouth-watering oatmeal. This morning however, I was fortunate enough to have enjoyed breakfast with Mr. Nielson (Oliver woke me up at 5:30) before he headed out to fulfill his manly duties at work. This morning, I added grounded flax seed to my oatmeal. Those Omega fatty 3's are the best and the nutty flavor is heavenly with the vanilla soymilk I pour on top.

What says summer more than a bowl full of cherries? These cherries are unpredictably sweet and perfect for Jane and Claire who both actually enjoy spitting out the seeds. Today I also cut up 6 giant oranges a few to eat and squeezed the juice from the rest. (about 3 cups worth) I boiled the juice for a few minutes then froze it to make a succulent orange granita


Lunch today was slow coming. After making the granitas,
I had three very hungry children who were disappointed to find that they had to wait for 3 hours while the orange juice turned to slush. So in a hurry I turned a whole-wheat tortilla into an avocado, tomato, and Mozzarella salad with fresh peaches on the side. A little course salt added the perfect flavor to the homegrown tomatoes.


Grilled tofu with red-potatoes, peas, and crushed peanuts. Dinner tonight was made well in advance. I cut up the tofu in the morning, pressed out the water and made a garlic peppered-curry marinade. I let it soak absorbing the juices until ready to grill on the stove.

I also tossed a salad together using Arugula, cucumbers and strawberries-quite refreshing.
Coriander seasoning was used with a dry-white wine and olive oil to create a nice dressing.

I caved and made Mr. Nielson his favorite-Pineapple upside down cake. The pineapple was just dying to be cut and what can I say, I just love to please my man!