Wednesday, June 06, 2007

My Vegetarian life, Day Four


Kitchen inspiration:

My mothers childhood kitchen cookie jar. I was super lucky enough to inherit her. We named her "dolly", now she sits pretty cozy under my kitchen window.
Every woman needs a pair of kitchen clogs. They can recover from spills and are easy to slip on and off. Did I mention that they are soooo comfortable.


You got it...Oatmeal. I always need a slice of whole wheat toast to slather my oatmeal on top. Have you ever done that? Try it...its really good.


As I walked in my kitchen this morning I happened to notice two pears looking at me with sad eyes. They were spotted and bruised. They needed to exsist for something since eating them looked pretty awful. I cut them up and made wholewheat pear-granola muffins. On top I made a brown butter-granola crumble.

Lunch today was quite hearty and deliciously wholesome. Whole-wheat pasta mixed with arugula, sauteed garlic, onions and tomatoes. I also threw in lentils to provide added protein and sprinkled fresh Parmesan on top.

Whole-wheat pizza. My children love this dinner and enjoy making their own personal pizza's. Mr. Nielson enjoys topping his with my homemade pesto and 3 different types of tomatoes. It makes for a colorful delight to look at and eat. Fresh mozzarella and ground pepper add the perfect touch on top.


Two different types of bread tonight graced the cake stand. Both loaded with good quality chocolate chips. Banana and pumpkin. Both moist and served warm makes for a Delicious before bed treat.