Friday, June 08, 2007

My Vegetarian life, Day five


We have come to the end of NieNie's vegetarian life. I wish (and considered) dragging this week into two, since I have really enjoyed sharing. I regret that our BB-q is out of order, Mr. Nielson can sure whip up some Delicious salmon...and I mean the most desired salmon known to man. Maybe another time. For now, Mr. Nielson, the children and I will continue preparing for our garden. We have a composter that eats all of our peelings, rinds, shells and food waste to create what we like to call 'black gold'.

Its a wonderful way to get the whole family involved in this process.


Usually we have you know what for breakfast. (it starts with a 'O' and ends with 'atmeal') But since I don't blog on Saturdays, I thought I'd go crazy and make the whole wheat waffles with homemade whipped cream, and fresh berries today.

This is a favorite around the house and if you can believe it, no sugar is involved.

We made watermelon-berry-lime Popsicles. Perfect for hot days and a good way to blend up older fruit so not to waste.


My children love avocado's-especially Claire. I usually cut one up, add course salt, sometimes a little cheese and they eat right out of it. What a lovely source of protein and those 'good fats'. I also bought each one of my children their own water bottle. The goal: to get each child to drink two a day. A hefty goal at times but here in the AZ heat, sometimes I don't even have to ask. Christian and I had a water distiller installed. The best $2500 we ever spent. What is better than pure water? And I mean seriously pure? (ps...I get my fluoride/minerals that everyone thinks they need in water, by eating dark leafy green vegetables...imagine that!)

I also made Jane's favorite. A whole wheat tortilla smothered with cinnamon and brown sugar. What a tasty little treat.


Dinner tonight was black bean chili. This chili was packed with onions, corn, and tomatoes. I also made cornbread to eat on the side, and to crumble on top of the chili. Under the chili is a cheese whole wheat tortilla, to add a bit more bulk.


Have you ever made your own marshmallow's? Surprising easy and soooo tasty! Smores with a good bittersweet chocolate smooched in between whole wheat graham crackers and personal homemade marshmallows really hit the spot.

Love your body and you will feed it right.