Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Father Week, Day TWO

Chapter 2:
Why it's nice that our father likes music.

Let's venture back about, lets say seven years ago on June 4th. 
Mr. Nielson is 22 and I am 19.
Mr. Nielson requests a date with me and picks me up at 9:00 pm.
(I thought it was kinda late too, but whatever).
He acts like the ideal gentlemen; opening car doors and the like. 
I sit down in Mr. Nielson's sleek black (or purple) car and he turns on his ignition. 
Mr. Nielson's party mix blares in my ears. 
Wait! Is that Enrique Iglesias signing?  So I inquire. 
"Yes, and Christina Aguilera was singing before that" he proudly declares.
 Before most of you think my husband is a geek, just consider this: 
is it possible to NOT dance to that type of music?
 I think not, and who doesn’t like to dance? 
(I mean, I guess I don't really, unless I'm in the comforts of my own home).
"I enjoy all type of music" he says confidently.
Ever since I married Mr. Nielson, I enjoy all types of music
because you don't have to like just one type of music,
and our children love to dance together.
Just the other day Mr. Nielson came home from work with a tune in his head.
 After a nice kiss from me, and a little mugging on the children,
 he went straight for the Nielson music library and found the song that had been
jingling around in his head all day.
Soon enough our Bose is thumping out Maurice Ravel’s Belaro
This song will make you weep if you let it, but will also stir the soul
 and conjure up every sentiment deep within your heart.
Then you'll feel like marching. Seriously.
This is what music will do to you if you are married to Mr. Nielson. 
He feels things and hears sounds in songs that I don't.
He also makes amazing faces while listening to music:

And that is why it is nice to have a father who likes music-all kinds!

The End.

Chapter three
"Why it nice to have a father who likes children."