Sunday, June 10, 2007

Father Week, Day one

Welcome to another wonderful week with NieNie
Appropriately titled: Father week.
This is about why I love my husband (the father of my children) and other father-ly tales.
Lets begin:

Chapter One:

On a lovely spring evening, the Nielson children played outside with their father (mr. nielson) and mother (nienie). The oldest Nielson son (oliver) decided he wanted to go inside, so he did. While inside he locked out the rest of the Nielson family. Father (mr. nielson) helped, and urged the oldest Nielson son (oliver) finally coaxing him (after 2 hours) to unlock the door.

Oliver who thought it was funny for the first hour was soon stricken with panic.

(oliver is seen here stricken with panic, see his panic)

Reporting on the situation, I interviewed some involved:

" I was really scared.

I wanted to go inside and hug

Oliver, I felt really bad for him,

and I wanted to play with my ponies.

-Jane B. Nielson

"It was getting darker and Oliver

was inside alone, I knew

Dad could get us in, and he did.

He was like, super-dad, or something

like that." -Claire E. Nielson
A loving father (mr. nielson) calmed all fears and we got in.

And that is why it is good to have a father around the house.

the end.

tomorrow's chapter

"why its good to have a dad who likes music"

(PS. For those of you who are interested in any recipes from 'Food Week', please e-mail me and I will be happy to send what you desire, dinner's on! to those who already e-mailed me, they are on their way)