Thursday, June 14, 2007

Father Week, Day Four

Chapter 4: Why it is good to have a father...Period.
I sat Christian down last night by my side and interviewed him. I wanted to know some of his thoughts on being a father. I also interviewed my own father. I thought it would be interesting to see the differences between a
father at age 28 and a father at age 63.
So without further excitement, lets begin.

NieNie: Hi honey, how are you tonight?
Mr. N.: Gooooood
NieNie: Mr. Nielson, don’t get frisky right now, we need to get through this interview…how do you feel about doing this interview?
Mr. N.: Splendid
NieNie: You are a father of 4 children, at the age of 28; do people think you are crazy?
Mr. N.: Yes, but I take it as a guilty complement.
NieNie: Why did you phrase it as “guilty”
Mr. N.: Because I am guilty.
NieNie: OK. What is your happiest memory as a father?
Mr. N. I can think of 4 so far. Holding my newborn babies, moments from the womb, and crying more than they were.
NieNie: Hardest thing as a father?
Mr, N.: Disciplining the children. I was such a rotten stinker as a child and always feel guilty telling my children they should behave better. But that's because I hold them accountable to the goodness they inherited from their mother.
NieNie: Are you being a brown-noser?

Mr. N.: NO! It is true!
NieNie: Most challenging decision as a father?
Mr. N.: Deciding to let the children choose for themselves even though you know what's best for them! But my happiest moments are when they choose the right...on their own.
NieNie: How many children do you want?
Mr. N.: Probably more than less. The important thing for me is to sense where Nie is on the matter and to arrive on the same page with her when we start each new chapter of a new child. NieNie: Thank you very much. Who do you think is harder-girls or boys?
Mr. N: Definitely boys...but only because mine are growing up around so many girls!
NieNie: That was funny. What is your advice to other fathers?
Mr.N: Let your children live a little. They came to this earth perfect and to have experiences and make choices. Don't get in the way of that.
NieNie: I really liked that it was very beautifully said.
Mr. N.: Oh good, I meant it.
NieNie: Will you describe in one word what kind of father you think you are?
Mr. N.: Too young to have 4 children.
NieNie: That was more than one word.
Mr. N.: How about…GOOD.
NieNie: I like that. Who is your favorite child?
Mr. N.: No comment.
NieNie: I just thought I’d throw that one out. You are such a wonderful father darling. Thank you for letting me interview you.
Mr. N.: Now can I interview you, or something like that?
NieNie: Oh you make me blush.