Thursday, May 17, 2007

NieNie's Friday's Face:

Introducing the Legendary
John Alfred Beesley

This robust man resides in Provo, Utah with his beautiful wife Chris. Together they created four children, to which the youngest Andrew married my youngest sister Lucy.
(Thank the lucky stars in heaven)
John is well known for his manly thick mustache, being the best scout leader (in the world) motorcycles, beautifully handcrafted jewelry, collecting very luxurious cowboy boots, and something about a traveling bus that he packs the family in for a good time.

Since this man is my sister’s father-in-law, we get to hear the goods on John. For instance, his 5-year-old granddaughter Ceciley calls on a regular basis to talk about ponies, princesses, or whatever she feels like, and John happily inclines to talk back.

I think that's cute.
John was born in Salt Lake City, Utah on August 28th, 1950. He graduated from Olympus High School and then became a goldsmith/jeweler, and today owns his own successful business.

Where did you meet your wife?Ward hopping at BYU.
We met and were married in 4 months.
Favorite thing about wife?She is very spontaneous and always smells good

John’s best quality is...
A good decision maker-considering the whole picture.
Worlds worst problem?misunderstandings.
If John were president...
We would have national Harley day every Friday
Johns favorite time of day?The breaking of dawn and sunsets.
At 3:00 pm john is...Accomplishing very important PR work
(talking someones ear off!!!)
John’s favorite possession?
My silver dollar given to me from
Spencer W. Kimball when I was 11.
Name two objects you use in your everyday life?Bathtub and my throne.

Favorite booksBesides the BOM, The little red hen,
Porter Rockwell Biography.Who are voting for in '08
NOT Hillary.....
Mitt Romney or Gladys Knight.
What is in john's ipod?
What’s an ipod?
(here is John in Park City with is Harley and famous leathers)
Favorite pastime?
Listening to live country music in a
country saloon, out of town.

John's advice?
its never too late to enjoy a fine childhood.
How do you know nie?
Not well enough.. I am her sister Lucy's father in law.
(John here with son Andrew and Lucy)
One word that describes john?