Monday, April 16, 2007

retro chairs and knitting.

I read this blog, and it reminded me of this blanket I knitted when I was a
senior in high school. I went and picked up Martha Stewart BABY magazine right when I saw it.
In fact, I bought like 3 of them...just to hoard.

It showed how to make this block blanket. I was obssesed. I knitted it every chance I got.
I even took my knitting with me on a trip to NYC
and knitted through out our entire sightseeing trip on a ferry.
My high school boyfriend and his mother
taught me to knit and I still enjoy it-not good at it,
but I like doing it.

I also painted this chair while pregnant with Claire.
When I was in 5th grade I begged my teacher to take me down in the
school's basement so I could rummage through and get
some chairs and desks for my own.
These are serious retro chairs that rock!