Thursday, March 01, 2007

Jane's date.

Today a purple letter came in the mail.
This purple letter brought so much happiness to one little girl,
named Jane.
Inside the purple letter was a request for Jane to go on a special date
with her godparents, Andrew and Reachel, for Jane's 4th birthday.

Godmother Reachel and godfather-wizard Andrew picked up Jane
and took her on a sweet and cherished birthday date to
commemorate Jane who turned 4 last week.
I read this letter to Jane 4-kagillion times (per her request),
Jane was so ecstatic at the thought of being with her godparents all alone.
(mostly because Claire was not going..nanny-nanny-nanny).

When Jane returned home from her special date,
 I asked her what she did.  She explained:
"I ate ice cream and one was pink and the other was green with nuts.
I really liked the nuts on it.
Djuoo( which is sounded out as "do you")
know what mom, it was so fun and then
I went to Reachel's house and she gave me a drink of water
inside  this really cool cup.
Then I went to the bathroom and read
Reachel's was rally rally rally cool."

Thank you Godparents.
We love you!