Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Nie Nie's travel log [uno]

Folks, here she is... Cjane in all her glory.
That swinging clogging number is what we picked
up at the Mesa Antique Plaza.
Its h o t.

The party was sooo swanky.
But I am getting way ahead of myself. I have to start from
the beginning of my travels back to Provo
(aka cougar town).
That would begin with biggest brother Steve's
40th birthday dinner
(which will be posted tomorrow)
Did I mention I took like 50 gazillion pictures? I totally did and can't decide which ones to post, then I thought- good crap, its my blog I'll post them all.
Did I mention I was Courtney's puppy dog and on her leash for the entire trip? I was. We played everyday-all day-seriously.
(excuse me while I wipe a tear away, i miss her so much...along with lucy and page)
So for a quick version of my travels you can see them here.