Monday, March 19, 2007

Nie Nie's travel log [tres]

Here is some more eye candy of the party.
Random pictures of my favorite details.
(thanks ck for the snapshots)
1. I love Page's face here, and Lucy's fake laugh.
(dont worry luc-dogg, happens to the best of us)

2. These are my sisters, and

I love them with all my stinkin heart.

(i also love Lucy's gold ring on her finger...its rockin)

3. Christopher playing the piano with lucky's Ben. Christopher also rigged up a
swanky french movie to play in the background-
so upper Manhattan.

4. The cake, which I decorated with birds and pink nest
(equipped with delish cadbury mini-eggs) a
confection Marie Antoinette would be proud of.
5. Pops sporting the half-tux. It is soooo in right now, top tux, bottom denim.

6. Lucy and her sweetheart husband Andrew-if anyone
lucked out on a husband it was so Lucy(i love you andrew)
7. This is a combined favorite. I love my cousin Katie pregnant due next month, and then I love my mother (aka "gimpie") who broke her foot. She still looks beautiful at the party.
8. Don't look now, but is that MARION? Yes, my 80+ grandmother and her
(shhh don't tell 4th husband) Don arrive to the party.
My grandma looks so hot!
Look at that sexy shirt she has on. I think she wins best dressed.

9. Lisa created this beautiful banner for Courtney. I loved it.
And don't you worry,
more to come tomorrow,
and the next day
and the next
next day after