Monday, March 19, 2007

Nies Travel Log day 3

Here are my favorite nine details of Courtney's epic party:
Firstly, CK took some fantastic photos of us sisters.
Secondly, I love my sisters with all my heart.

Thirdly, I love that Topher played jazz on the
 piano at the party while a swanky
French movie played in the background.

Fourthly, the cake. I decorated the top with
colorful birds, Cadbury eggs, a pink nest and colorful fondant.
I think Marie Antoinette would be proud.
Fifth-ly, my dad sporting the half-tux.
Top-half tux, bottom-half denim. 

Six-ly, Lucy and her new sweetheart husband Andrew-if anyone
lucked out on a husband it was Lucy, (I love you Andrew!)
Seventh-ly, the guests at the party; like my favorite pregnant 
cousin Katie, and my beautiful mother who broke her foot.
Also I am confirming that yes, my sister Page does have a castle 
in her living room.
Eight-ly, Don't look now, but my grandma Marion came to the party!
 Yes, my 80+ grandmother and her 4th husband Don arrived
ready to party!
I think she wins best dressed! (Sorry Court).

Ninth-ly, Lisa created this beautiful banner for Courtney.
It's adorable.
And don't you worry,
more to come tomorrow
and the next day
and the next
next day after