Thursday, March 22, 2007

Nies Travel Log: the end

Holy cow, I love Courtney so much, and will miss the time
I had with her and all my sisters.
This is my last and final report about my trip back to Utah.
On Sunday, (Courtney's actual birthday) dad made a delicious salad 
wherein he used everything
we had in the refrigerator to put in, or on top of it.

After Stever's dinner salad I felt it was time to bring 
out the left-over party cake.
I cut Courtney a giant slice of her cake and asked her to
 make a wish for her 30th year.

She enjoyed it for about 30 seconds and then devastation hit. 
She was 30, and there was no turning back now.
Then she shed a few tears.

But she held it together and began laughing shorty after.
Then she finished that big piece of cake and we moved on.
I used the decorations I had made from her party and used them 
at our intimate little sister dinner.
Little glued birds on bare branched and pink tissue paper blossoms.
I also made napkin holders with buttons, birds, and little jewels.
(Not to be weird or anything, but I hope I get my mom's red goblets
when she passes on). That was weird.


I sure love our chef, father, and State Representative,
(who met with the governor the day before to sign some papers, 
about this and get interviewed by this dude or somethingbody).

Dad, I am sooo proud of you. You are my political inspiration!
We missed my mom who was in Washington DC representing Provo, Utah 
in some meetings or something.
I love you mommy!