Thursday, March 15, 2007

Nie Nie's travel log [dos]

Happy 40th Steve!
Dinner with the family at a exciting
open kitchen where we watched the chefs prepare our meals.
Every time I go to visit home, Steve my oldest brother whisks away my babies.
Mr Nicholas is seen here with
mutual affection for my 40 year old brother.
Jesse and Lindsay and Mr. Nicholas.

Page is telling childhood memories about Stevie.
(which included his awesome blue chevette)
Each member in the family told favorite stories of Stevie, or something they love and remember about him then gave him 2 dollars.
Which added up to 40 bucks.
(which is like 6 Cafe Rio salads.)

(lisa, courtney, and andrew)
Then we enjoyed a few moments browsing a photo book
of Steve through the years.
What I said about Stevie:
I love Stevie because he is affectionate with me.
(to which he replied, "that's because you will always be 4")