Thursday, March 15, 2007

Nies Travel Log day 2

Happy 40th birthday to my oldest brother Steve!
To celebrate his special day we met as a family for dinner.
Every time I go to visit home, Stevie whisks away my babies.
He's soooo good with babies!
And babies LOVE him!
(Nicholas loves him too!).
 At dinner we each told our favorite memories of Stevie.
I shared a story about playing inside in his blue Chevette
after he'd get home from school each day.
Stevie has always been affectionate with me and my children.
He hugs and tells us he loves us whenever we're together.
I really love that about him.
Then he told me that to him, I will always be 4 years old.

Then each sibling gave him a $2 bill,
which added up to 40 bucks.
(That's like 4 Cafe Rio salads!).

I love you Stephen Don Clark Jr.