Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Nies Travel Log day 5

Since we have (mostly) moved into our NEW HOUSE last Friday,
 I haven't had much time to blog.
 But lucky for all of you, I am STILL blogging about
my trip to Utah and her 30th birthday party, it's just taken
me slower than normal.  But I'm back.
This blog is dedicated to when Courtney showed up
to her own 30th birthday party!

Everyone was clapping and screamed as our guest of honor entered 
Page's house, then hugs all around.
My nephew Layton played his trumpet as Courtney made her grand
entranceIt was a big hullabaloo.
And then, someone very special arrived:

The Mayor of Provo,
 Lewis K. Billings

Courtney and Mayor Billings shake hands, take some photos, 
and then the Mayor exclaims:
"I hereby proclaim that today is Courtney Kendrick day!".
Then we all clapped and drank our non-alcoholic beverages.
Boy, what a treat for Courtney.