Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Nie Nie's travel log [cinco]

Since I moved into my NEW HOUSE last Friday
(well, not sleeping there, but stuff is there) I have no time to blog about myself, lucky for me I am STILL blogging about
Courtney's life and her 30th birthday party. This ones classic.

Enjoy the ride.

Courtney showing up to her party

hugs all around as she arrives.
People clapping for Courtney.
Layton playing trumpet as Courtney walks in the house...
what a whole big hullabaloo.
And then,


The mayor shows up (because seriously folks, this was a serious party in Provo)
Louis Billings of freakin' Provo Utah (that was for you Mom) there to see
Courtney turn the big 3-0

They shake hands, take some photos, then the Mayor replies...
"I hereby proclaim that today is Courtney Kendrick day"
then everyone claps, papers are signed and off he goes to meet the President at another fling.

Boy, what a treat for Courtney.