Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Mr. Nicholas 5 month journey

Congratulations son! You, Mr. Nicholas Jones have successfully made it to your
f i v e
month milestone of life.
During your 5 months alive you have managed to:
pull off sleeping through the night,
contract 2 ear infections, 2 bottom
teeth, bear 12 month old clothes,
poop in the same diaper size as your older
(respectable) brother Oliver.
You also managed to
rearange your sleeping
schedule to pretty much NOT
sleeping through the night at all anymore.
You charm everyone you come in
contact with.
(and I get all the credit...
thank you, thank you)

Your father, Mr. Nielson and I are
proud, very proud.
Now, go out and show them what else you got
(whatever the crap that means.)