Thursday, February 15, 2007

a sickly valentines

How was your Valentines Day? Did your husband give you bouquets of mini-roses? How about some good quality chocolate dressed in a darling tin? Did you and your lover pick out the same Valentine card to give to eachother? Did you door bell ditch your best friends together? Well that is what Christian and I did. It was a lovely lovers holiday, and it is not over yet.
Jane has a cough and threw up yesterday
Oliver has boogie eyes, runny nose and a cough
Mr. Nicholas Jones " "

I am taking Echinacea like a mad women so I don't get sick! It has not be pretty. A lot (lot, lot, lot) of sleepless nights here. We decided to postpone our Valentine outings for another time...fine with me...I say lets drag this sucker out as long as we can.

I did surprise my Valentine with a yoga mat. He really needed one.
When we go to yoga together, he has to use the gross ones at the studio that smell like stinky feet, and I don't like touching him after that.

Then I door bell ditched my little ladies and left them a delicious pink frosted cookie from
Sweet Cakes.

And sported them with some new socks.
Grandma Mary decided to have a Valentine tea party. They made cookies made with honey and mini sweet rolls. We seriously love Grandma Mary!
Then my girls dressed up in the dresses that Umi sent them,
put on some bunny ears (?)
and had a tea party that lasted not nearly long enough.

Next week I will share my wonderful belated Valentine details
(well, almost all of them) that Christian and I have.