Thursday, February 15, 2007

Sick for Valentines Day

How was your Valentines Day? 
Did your husband give you a bouquet of pink mini-roses? 
How about some delicious quality chocolate in a darling tin?
Did you and your lover pick out the same Valentine card to give to each other? 
Did you door bell ditch your best friends together? 
Well that is what Christian and I did. 
It was a lovely lovers holiday!
Yesterday Jane threw up, and Oliver has boogie eyes,
 runny nose and a cough.

Mr. Nicholas Jones has all the above which made for kind of a bummer 
Lovers Holiday.

I am taking Echinacea like a mad women so I don't get sick!
 It has not be pretty around here.
 A lot (lot, lot, lot) of sleepless nights and boogy noses.
Mr. Nielson and I decided to postpone our Valentines Day outings 
for another time- when we're all healthy.
I'm good with dragging this holiday out as long as we can!
I did surprise my Valentine with a yoga mat. 
When we go to yoga together, he uses the gross ones at the studio
that smell like stinky feet, and I don't like touching him after that.
(Everyone should have their own yoga mat).
Then I door bell ditched my little ladies and left them a delicious
 pink frosted cookie from my favorite bakery in Mesa, Sweet Cakes.
Also with new cute socks.

Even though Jane was sickly, she still participated in GrandMary's cousin
 Valentines Day tea party.
 They made cookies made with honey and mini sweet rolls. 
 GrandMary is the best grandma that 2 little girls (and 2 boys) could have.
Then my girls dressed up in the dresses that our other favorite
grandma, Umi sent them for Valentines Day,
  (I'm not sure why the bunny ears).

Next week I will share my wonderful belated Valentine Day details 
with Christian....well, maybe not all our details.