Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Lunch date with the girls (and one boy).

 Courtney, Nicholas, and I we met our friend Emily for lunch
at Postino in Scottsdale.  
Emily has a daughter who was born a few days after Nicholas.
At lunch we talked the possibly of our children
marrying each other in possibly 21 to 23 years from now.
Emily's daughter Norah has really long baby legs and cute hair that sticks up.
It was so fun talking to Emily about her husband and her other
children, and life in Arizona.
 Also I ate a delicious salad with cut up
crusty bread, and that's really all I remember about that salad.
The bread was so good.
I ordered a sandwich which unfortunately had goat cheese on it.
For years I pretended that I like goat cheese because it seemed
like everyone cool did.

I can't conform anymore. 
Goat cheese is disgusting and the waitress (who had the same bird
necklace that me, mom and my sisters
brought me another sandwich.
When we got home Courtney and I sat in the glorious 
February sun while the girls rode their scooters.
And then I discovered Mr. Nicholas has 2 bottom teeth.