Wednesday, February 28, 2007

lunch date with cute girls (and boy)

Lunch dates are so fun, and I got to go on one with Courtney and Emily,
Mr. Nicholas Jones and Norah- Emily's daughter
(who will marry each other in 23-25 years from now)
Norah has really long baby legs and cute hair that sticks up.
Emily gave us some insider stories on insider subjects that only her attorney husb knows about. It rocked, she rocked and the salad with cut up
crusty bread was fantastic.

We ate at Postino in Scottsdale. It was so lovely. The food was yum (except my food had goat cheese on it and I think goat cheese is disgusting...tastes like poo) but our waitress who had the same bird necklace as me gave me another sandwich-which I ate when we got home while Courtney bathed in the sun and the girls rode their scooters.
And as we sat I discovered Mr. Nicholas has 2 bottom teeth. Joy!