Monday, February 05, 2007

Lucy, jewelry, and a smooshed cookie

Lucy came to visit. Heaven.
Activities included:

pink sugar cookies
going to the park and pushing two persistent monkeys on swings
dinner at sauce
trying on vintage clothes at the antique plaza. (loved the red clogging slip)
buying easter gloves (you better wear them)
shopping with reachel at anthropologie and urban.
reachel driving like a mad woman from Scottsdale in the rover to get you to sweet cakes to buy andrew a delicious homemade oreo cookie before they close.
buying andrew a oreo cookie only to have sat on it (without knowing) on the way home....nice.
watching e-town with christian.
playing horse with claire
saving claire on the run-away bike while we saved jimmy from "skip" the bully-dog. (picturing you with your polka-dot vans on peddling really fast on my cruiser with jane in her red cloak, and my new blue easter gloves on-hair madly waving around on the back) (long sentence)
andrew coming to pick you up really late to take you home (so sad) but with these beautiful pieces of jewelry he found at the jewelry show in Tuscon.

pearls for the girls.
a jade flower for me.
and a beautiful necklace.
thank you so much andrew.

come again soon...please!