Monday, February 05, 2007

Lucy, jewelry, and a smooshed cookie

Lucy came to visit, and I was pretty much in heaven.
Activities included:

-Daily run to local bakery for pink sugar cookies.
-Going to the park and pushing my persistent monkeys on swings.

-Dinners out.
-Trying on vintage clothes at the antique plaza.  
-We really loved the red clogging skirt.

-Buying Easter gloves, (Lucy, you better wear them).
-Movies at night.

-Shopping with Reachel at Anthropologie.

-Buying Andrew an Oreo cookie after we almost lost our lives 
driving like mad before the store closed.  
-Sitting on the Oreo cookie without even knowing it.

-Playing horse with Claire
-You saving Claire on her run-away bike.
(Picturing you with your polka-dot vans on
peddling really fast on my cruiser with Jane on the back
 in a bright red cloak, and blue gloves trying to save Claire, KILLS ME!).

-Andrew coming to pick you up really late to take you home
 but leaves us with some beautiful jewelry pieces while
at the jewelry show in Tuscon:

Pearls for the girls, a jade pin and coral necklace for me.
Thank you so much Andrew.
Enjoy the smooshed cookie, and please 

come again soon...please!