Monday, January 08, 2007

Log Haven

If you drive up little cottonwood canyon in Utah,
 it will take you on a breathtaking drive. 
If you go at Christmas time it will become the most romantic drive you will ever take. 
The roads will be icy and you will have to drive slow
which will cause more time for conversation. 
The trees and mountains will be covered in fluffy white snow 
and the moon will be shining.
Then you will come upon a cabin built in the 1920's hidden in the woods off the road
A few twinkling lights will add just the right amount of 
sparkle to your journey to the big wooden front door.
Then you know you are at Log Haven.
We were lucky enough to meet Andrew and Reachel 
 (who were also visiting family for Christmas)
The food was very prestigious, but the conversation was the best part. 
It is always so wonderful to have friends that you can discuss spiritual matters with.
Reachel and I bought each other antiques for Christmas.
I got Reachel a 40's glove box.
 It was covered in vintage fabric and big enough
 for at least her Sunday and lunch gloves.
And she got me a gold compact. It is beautiful. 
The initials 'JC' are engraved on the ornate top. 
 It is fun to imagine some woman in her dinner gown pulling it
 out to freshen up and powder her nose, or add extra color to her 
face during an exquisite dinner party.