Tuesday, January 23, 2007

3:45 pm

The time 3:45 at our house is very significant.
It is when Christian arrives home from work!
(Sing Hallelujah!)
3:45 at our house means everyone crowds around 
Christian until he can think of something to do with us all.
Like a bike ride, a car ride, or a wresting match, you get the idea.
3:45 at our house means Christian makes himself a nice big bowl of cereal.
He calls it his "after-work snack".

3:45 means I am terribly on edge while Ollie plays on the kitchen counter
while taking bites of Christian's cereal.
(Christian claims he's watching him, but we had a few accidents in the past).
3:45 finds the girls playing with dolls and asking daddy to join in.
(He's really good at putting the doll clothes on).
3:45 is when I step back and let Christian take over.
Simply put, 3:45  means Christian.