Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Yesterday 5 years ago...

It was 5 years ago that my sister-in-law Charity died.
Yesterday I met Christian at the cemetery with the children.
I was really sad.
I was sad for her son Jonah who wont know his mother in this life.
I was sad for Christian, who after 5 years still gets choked up every time we sing
"There is a green hill far away"
in church. (the song we sang at her funeral)
At the cemetery he told me his "heart hurt" that made me sad.
I was talking to Christian on the phone on the way to the cemetery and after I hung up I announced to the children that we were going to visit Charity at her grave.
Jane said to me:
"Mom, Charity has a phone in her grave"
Jane thought I was on the phone with Charity, who apparently has a
phone in her grave.
I think Charity would have thought that was really funny.
I did.