Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Yesterday 5 years ago...

Five years ago Christian's sister Charity passed away
from cancer at the age of 27.
The kids and I met Christian at the cemetery after work
to visit Charity's gravesite.
On the way to the cemetery I had all the kids in the backseat and
was talking to Christian on the phone.
After I hung up I told the children that we were on our way
to visit Charity at her grave.
Jane was confused and said to me, "mom, Charity has a phone in her grave?".
Jane thought I was on the phone with Charity.

I think Charity would have thought that was really funny.
It was nice break from heartache.

Charity left a 2 month old son behind and I felt sad thinking that he will
never know his mother in this life.
I was sad for Christian, who after 5 years still gets choked up 
whenever we sing the hymn "There is A Green Hill Far Away",
 the song we sang at her funeral.

At the cemetery Christian leaned over to me and 
 told me that his "heart hurt" and that made me sad.
We are so grateful for God's plan for families.
We believe we will be together forever.
We will see Charity again, and she will meet my children and 
hug her brother again.  I can't wait.