Saturday, December 09, 2006

An evening with the Godparents

Yesterday evening we went with the Godparents, (Reachel and Andrew)
 to take family photos for our Christmas cards.
Andrew is a wiz with the camera.

Then together we went to a good restaurant to have
  guacamole veggie burgers and fries (we're all vegetarians).
After dinner and since the kids were perfect little
angels, we got brownie fudge sundaes and candy sticks.

Reachel and I rode home together in the car while the boys slept in the back
and Claire and Jane sang Christmas songs.
Reachel and I and chatted about our family Christmas traditions
 and how we've learned to feel confidant 
in listing to the spirit whisper to us in our lives, and for our children.

Christian drove with Andrew in his new Mini Cooper that
was shipped from England to Arizona just in time for the holidays.

I drove up to Reachels house to drop her off and admired her beautiful
Christmas tree in her window.
Reachel works at Anthropologie.
Now can you imagine what her Christmas tree looks like?