Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Lucy gets married

Still posting about my Utah trip....
On the beautiful sunny morning of October 20th,
mom and dad drove Lucy an hour north to Salt Lake City where she
 married Mr. Andrew Beesley in the Salt Lake City temple.
(Christian and I drove up with the kids later in the morning along with
the rest of my family and their guests).

I love the photo of my dad carrying her suitcase to the car with
Lucy trailing behind him with her wedding dress.
Kind of gave me a lump in my throat.
My parents are now officially empty-nesters!
They have raised and married off nine children.
It's fun to think that Lucy walked down theses stairs a million times
growing up in this house.  Now she is walking down the stairs
 with her wedding dress in hand.
I remember doing the same thing.
Lucy is wearing a darling tweed suit that belonged to my Nana.

Don't worry Lucy, I'll clean up your bedroom while
you are on your honeymoon and pack up anything you left behind.
Maybe one day you will
move away too and come home to this old room
with your babies, like me!