Thursday, November 30, 2006

Cake, balloons, and a present

I spent all day in between children, naps, and feedings
to prepare for Christian's birthday.
I made him a double chocolate cake with 28 candles respectively.
 He blew them out with one blow.
(I think that's good luck).
 I bought six balloons (plus a few extra, which was a good thing since
about three popped, and Tenna came over to join the fun).
 As usual, we each wrote wishes for our birthday dad then let them go.
 I think we all know what I wished for Christian this coming year.
Starts with an "h" and ends with "ome".
Claire and Jane spent all day putting a present together for their dad.
The box included:
*small bits of died mango
*one carrot stick
*one celery stick
*half-chewed corn tortilla
*bottled water
*picture of girls (and Ollie)

I got Christian something EXTRA special, and I will
write about it tomorrow.
He's going to LOVE it!