Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Thanksgiving in Pinetop Part 3

The day after Thanksgiving, GrandMary pulled out supplies
of treats and frosting, and graham crackers so 
the kids could make graham cracker houses.
It was the perfect Christmas kick-off activity!

I'm hoping and dreaming that just maybe next year I will be in my own house,
and we can make the gingerbread from scratch, and melt
 Jolly Ranchers for the windows.
Just like I used to do when I was young.
(Mostly I just want to be in my own house!).

Now you probably won't believe this, 
but Claire didn't even eat ONE piece of candy, not ONE
She was not feeling so good.
She threw up her thanksgiving dinner last night and all
she could muster this day was a half-smile.
 She even donated her house to her best friend next door, Tenna.

(As I type this, she keeps telling me that she wants it back.
She must be feeling better.).

And that concludes our Thanksgiving holiday.