Tuesday, October 03, 2006


Did you all know that October is my very favorite month of the year. Every October 1st we have a Icabod party and eat chocolate donuts. Since I don't have the Provo bakery here to satisfy our chocolate craving, another donut shop had to do (which did NOT carry chocolate spooky spider shaped donuts)
And just for you all to see how obsessed the Clark family is with Halloween, here is a e-mail my 32 year old brother Andrew wrote to the family just this morning:

October is here, everybody's favorite month.
Sundance is offering full moon lift rides this Saturday night (only this sat. night) starting at 9:00 pm. There is scheduled to be a full moon.
We are meeting at Vance and Page's cabin in South Fork at 7:30 for dessert. Great Halloween decor at the Checketts cottage right now. After dessert we will head up to Sundance for the lift ride. Should be haunting. This is for adults only. Let me know who is in and let me know if you can bring something Saturday night i.e. drink, ice, cup plates, a pie. I believe it is $16.00 a couple. We will still meet for dessert in case of inclement weather. Hope you can make it. Bring a blanket! Andrew

Who's in as of today:
Page and Vance
Courtney & Christopher
Christopher & Lisa
Andrew & Megan

I am sure you all could imagine my response as I sit living in the desert with 90 degrees piercing my wanna-be cold soul....ohhh pity me!