Thursday, October 05, 2006


With my previous three babies I've had a list of things
 to get done before he/she is delivered.
Each day I cross more things off the list, and today
 I crossed off the last to-do!

-Paint toes (a woman should look her best
 even during labor/delivery).
-Prepare children's Halloween costumes
(so I don't have to worry about a thing after baby comes).
-Buy a new baby smell. I like to have a new smell for myself
for important events in my life to always remember the special day.
I am thinking of getting a new smell at Bath and Body Works called
Amber Essence.  It's delicious and smells cozy.
-Have baby's clothes washed in my favorite Ivory Snow detergent.
-Toilet scrubbed.
-All wedding/shower gifts bought and wrapped for sister
 Lucy and sister-in-law Elizabeth.
-Haircut....Mr. Nielson?!
-Jimmy needs a new dog tag and more dog food.
-Sparkling bubblie for after the delivery. 
I think it's fun to celebrate when baby arrives.