Thursday, September 14, 2006

Personal touch

Another great haircut by my personal hairstylist.
I tell him exactly how I want it cut.
He adds some of his own personal style that I usually love.
He is a much better than a yappie women hairstylist who talks my ear off about herself and when she starts her special time of the month, or her dead-beat husband.
He never talks about himself or what is going on in his life as he chops my locks. Sometimes he will occasionally add
"Damn I am so good at this" but I like a little confidence in my hairstylist, it is comforting to know he is good at cutting my hair.
He offers me a tall glass of distilled water with lots of ice.
Sometimes he gets really close to my face when he is cutting, but that is OK because he is really stinkin hot and it is not uncomfortable AT ALL.
Its completely free.

All he asks me to do is:
Not much to ask eh?