Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Labor Day Visitors

My parents and siblings promised me that going to the BYU football game
 was not the only reason they came to Arizona last week.
Of course not.  I know they wanted to come to the extreme heat to watch
my kids dress-up and dance in front of them in the living room over and over again.

Lucky for all of us, Lucy brought her fiance Andrew too!

He is such a cool man and was so cute with my babies!

My sister-in-law Lindsay, (who is also pregnant) and I chatted about 
how sometimes is feels aliens reside in our bellies.
Highlights of the trip include:

*Antique shopping in downtown Mesa with Courtney. 
Courtney found a really cool necklace that we (or I) really wanted but 
saw the tag at $150.00.
After further investigation and contemplation:
 (wait, I think this is plastic, how could it be 150 dollars?)
We found out it was really $1.50 minus the extra 20% off!

*Shopping with Cindy- my mom.  My kids call her Umi.
She pampered my children with sticker books, new PJ's, dancie slips, 
books, and yummy lotions cream for the new baby.

*Eating out with Lucy and her new beau Andrew.
I LOVE and whole-heartily accept him as my new future brother.

Lowlights include:

*The trip is WAY too short
*Getting grief for Oliver's "girlie haircut" by Iwontmentionanynamesdad.
*Cougars loose and waiting in the parking garage in Tucson for 2 hours
*Not getting to see CK