Monday, August 07, 2006

Ranch Highlight # 1

Bluewater, New Mexico
Nielson Family Reunion was given
five stars (out of 5).
 Rated by the Christian Nielson family

General Stats:

4 rattlesnakes found and killed 1 of which was skinned and hung in barn.
5 hours to drive to ranch
6 hours to get home
12 bedrooms at the ranch
78 Nielson's attending the reunion
103 hot dogs eaten in one day
5 veggie dogs eaten by the Christian Nielson Family
7 horses present
1 marriage proposal

Cowboy Christian holds 3 month old "Prince"

Claire rides Katy with boots and hat.

Cowboy Christian gives Oliver and Jane a ride around the barn.

Cowboy Christian, Katy the pony and Jane.