Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Utah at a glance #4

My brother Christopher and his wife Lisa opened up their home to all adult siblings for a night of celebrating the "fifty Nifty". We were honored to have
Ryan Simmons
(a cousin on the Jones side) entertain us.

And boy did he ever! Just look at that costume! Look at all the work that went into his totally choreographed performance. (yes those ARE sparklers hanging from his freedom twirling stick) When I asked Ryan just where he found his stinking awesome duds he replied
"Ohhh, Stephanie. They FOUND me"
He even got "uncle stever"...into the act by honoring those who are fighting for our country. "Tie a yellow ribbon"
was quite appropriate for the evening.
Look at that face...
seriously, look at that hat!
Then, look at the Clark family sisters with Ma and Pa.

Certainly a night to remember.