Monday, July 17, 2006

Utah at a glance #3

The Family Gala: "Fifty Nifty" served up some good food, great entertainment and delightful company!

Olivia offering some delicious appetizers. Fresh veggies in artichoke parm dip and delectable stuffed mushrooms. Emma in the back searches for hungry family. (note legislator Stever Clark in his James Bond get-up.)
The beautiful sisters. Christopher, Mother, me, Megan, Page, Lucy and Linsday (who had THE cutest yellow shoes on. I wish Christian would have gotten a photo of all of our shoes, they were all different colors...ohhh so cute!)
Christian and I dressed to kill.
Emily and Olivia serving more appetizers in their darling festive aprons.
Lucy (fresh off the missh) and I pose for a cute snapshot...