Sunday, June 18, 2006

To the father of my children,

Happy Fathers Day Christian!
Thank you for being so wonderful!!

Thank you for loving me this morning (espcially on your special day) when I had a little breakdown. My favorite part was when I went into the bathroom and shut the door to get a little "breather" and you lightly tapped the door and said:
"Ummm Sweetie, can I help you in there"
Only a husband would do that!

Thank you for sitting on the bathroom floor everyday to help our oldest daughter poop on the toilet. I love to hear you say to her:

"Ok Claire lets see a whopper today"

Only a father would do that!

I love you so because you take Jane for rides on the beach cruiser in the blasted hot. I love when she s c r e a m s with pure excitement as you race down the street with her on your lap.
Only a father would do that!

Thank you for coming home from work and changing Oliver because you know that when you get home he has finished his 3:00 poops and needs to be changed.
You are so good to do that and even though he always reaches his lil hand down there every time and you get so mad--but not that mad because you are his father and only a father would do that!

I love you.