Monday, March 27, 2006


Last November, Christian surprised me with 2 reserved tickets to see my main gal Martha in her Studio in NYC! I was thrilled. It was not until 4 ½ later we were informed when we would actually get to go to the show. Luckily we had planned to move on the 17th of March and she “invited” us to come on the 16th. Whew, just in time! I was so excited!
We had to be at her studio 2 ½ hours early, so while we waited we watched old shows and she provided a nice breakfast for her “guests”.
After going over and over again, and again when to clap how to clap not to yell, not to scream, blab la blab we finally went in the studio. The studio was freezing cold and “YMCA” was playing really loud.
The studio was very creative with a bunch of Martha’s peons running around getting everything all ready for when the queen arrived. And she did.
Did you know, Martha has really tiny legs? Not short, they are long and tiny. She wore 8 inch heels with jeans and a black top.
Jennie Garth came on the show and was really ditsy. She and Martha spoke not a word to each other during the commercial breaks. The life of a diva...
My favorite part was after the show was over, Martha went into her kitchen on the studio set and made herself lunch.

Then I watched as she ordered around her staff :
“Break the lettuce into smaller pieces”
“Thinner, slice the tomato thinner”
“Fresh, this is NOT fresh. Take it back”
“Chop your leg off…NOW”