Monday, March 27, 2006


Last November, Christian surprised me with two tickets to 
see my main gal Martha Stewart in her New York Studio!  
I was beyond thrilled!
Our taping reservation wasn't until March 16th and we had
 planned to move to Arizona on the 17th. How lucky was that timing!?
We arrived at her studio 2 ½ hours early for the taping
so while we waited for the show to start,
we watched old reruns and she provided
 a nice breakfast for her "guests".
Before the taping we were instructed on how to clap soft and clap loud,
and when it's appropriate to laugh or yell.
Also to note, the studio was freezing cold so no one would fall
asleep while Martha cooked her corn beef stew.
My favorite part was when the show was over and we were
filing out of the studio, I happened to watch
Martha on the kitchen set making herself lunch.
Then she sat down and ate it by herself.
I wished I could have pulled up a chair and joined her.
I'd say something like, "I loved you October 1999 issue.
The Halloween ideas and recipes killed it!".