Monday, January 16, 2006

This lil number.

When my sister Page started letting her children pick out their own clothes, it really started to bug me. Not because they were being responsible and old enough to decide what to wear at the early age of 4-5. It was because of what they would pick out. Stripes with prints, pastels with bolds, it was annoying and frankly, it was ugly. Why not just buy a bunch of clothes that all would go well together so whatever they chose to wear would automatically match? (I would think on a number of occasions)
I am seeing now, that is not so easy. Claire is old enough to dress herself even before I get out of bed each day. When she comes into my room for breakfast, she has on some ‘lil number that would make you think of the kids you see at Hardees playing in the balls at the jungle gym. You know what I am talking about.
Claire woke up this morning and picked out this diddy.