Wednesday, January 25, 2006

One starry night.

Christian and I went into the city last night to stick with our goal of attending the temple every month. The night was nippy and we were unexpectedly early (found a dandy parking spot) so we walked slow and stopped to buy delicious cashews from the nut vendor.
They are so mouth-watering and you can smell them like 40 feet away.
Think of something you love to smell (right now), these nuts smell like 10 times better.
We ate them on the way to temple about a block away and stopped in front of the temple to pop the last delectable nuts in our mouths when none other than Alan Alda walked by with his short, plump wife hooked tightly on to his arm. Two shopping bags rested in his other hand (pottery barn bags)

“Hello Alan, love your work”

I couldn't believe it, I saw Alan Alda, Hawkeye (M*A*S*H), Senator Ralph Owen Brewster (aviator), Senator Arnold Vinick (West Wing)...That guy, HIM! Christian opted not to take a picture, in fact he was not even excited we saw Alan.
Maybe Christian was hoping we'd see Leo DiCaprio instead...that would have been cool.

Who will I see next? I'll let you know on my next 'star search', cuz believe me I'm searching!