Tuesday, December 06, 2005

What's happening now?

Yesterday while the children and I were shopping at the lovely 'Whole Foods' grocery store in Princeton, we came upon a wonderful thing. The Nutcracker ballet and CD together in one package. Of course I couldn't resist, I was so excited to go home and play the DVD for them. They were equally excited!
On the way home I played the disc and sort of explained to them what was happening. Pretty soon, I ran out of creative ways to explain to them that they just basically dance around the stage.
"what's happening now mom?"
"They are dancing...Still"
Every 5 seconds Claire or Jane would ask me, "What is happens now?" and I would reply "still dancing, still dancing" or "they are running around on their toes" Something like that.
The ride home took us almost 45 minutes, and in that 45 minutes, "What are they doing now" must have come up 500 times.

HEY, what are you doing...Like right now?