Wednesday, December 14, 2005

A phat picture.

I am happy to say that all the pictures on this blog were taking by Claire.
At our ward Christmas Party, Claire asked if she could take a few pictures with our digital camera. Claire was addicted. She took pictures of the wall, the floor, the chairs, and then whoever was performing. Then she took pictures of Christian, Jane and I.
“Dad look at me, dad smile…”click, click”
And then
“Mom, Mom say cheeeese mom” “click”
I had to remind Claire that we were sitting front and center at the Christmas party and she needed to be quieter. I also told her to give the rebel a rest. She was certainly putting a dent in the memory card.
“Jane, Jane hahah..oh Jane do that again, smile like that again…yes perfect”…”click, click, click…click”

After the young women’s rendition of Silent Night was over, the announcer in our ward got up to close the meeting when Claire pointed the camera at him and unmercifully took pictures of him .

(it was phat)