Saturday, December 24, 2005

Painted faces and the macarena. A Christmas treat!

We woke up early and left for work with Christian yesterday morning. It was Colgate’s children’s Christmas party. What fun we had. We met all of Christian’s co-workers. ( I tried to be as sexy as possible in front of his bosses…I looked hot.)
We went to the atrium where the party was, “who let the dogs out” blasted in the speakers. The DJ must have been a 50 year old woman who was getting jiggy wit it and teaching everyone the Macarena. It was wild.

My girls were just interested in the face painting. I’m not just talking about a little rainbow delicately painted on a cheek; I’m talking full-on-pick-whatever-you-want-face paint! Claire wanted to be a ‘pussy-cat’ and Jane a butterfly.

While that was going on, I organized Christian’s desk. Then I pushed the kids around and around in his swivel chair. That was a hit.

We ended up with about 500 new stuffed animals from the party, which means that will be about 500 more stuffed animals that will mysteriously disappear after coming to the Nielson home.
We are looking forward to tonight for Christmas eve….I hope Santa doesn’t skip your house like he has threatened to do at ours from time to time.