Thursday, December 15, 2005

Once a bride, always a bride.

This is our self-shot the night Christian proposed to me on September 30, 2000 in Arizona.Five years ago today I was busy making last minute preparations for my wedding day (which is tomorrow). I’ll never forget waking up early and running over to my neighbors Vanessa’s house in my pajamas while she sewed last minute details on my Vera Wang replica (added sleeves).
I remember having lunch with Lucy one last time as single sisters. We went to Rubio’s next to Provo High where we frequented together at lunchtime while we were in High School.
I remember Kurt bringing my beautiful flowers to my house. My flowers of lilies, tulips, roses, and berries matched my” jewel” tone theme perfectly.

I’ll never forget driving in the car to the pet babysitters with Christian dropping off our new pup Jimmy for a week, while we were in the Bahamas on our romantic honeymoon cruise.
I’ll never forget Christian saying to me all day
“You know in like 13 hours I will be able to touch your boobs”
“Yeah, I know”

I remember making all my darling nieces purses to hold at my wedding out of the same fabric I
bought to re-cover all of my pillows in our home we bought earlier that month.
I remember when two suburbans pulled up to my house that evening and all of Christian’s family jumped out- all 10 siblings and their children in tow. As our families met, Christian and I looked at each other with glowing eyes. We sat and chatted in my mothers Christmas filled house with George Winston in the background. My Mother passed out cider and doughnuts from the local Allreds Orchards.
(These are my announcements I picked out with my mother. My mother insisted on them being engraved, because hers were engraved and because her mothers were engraved. All of my sisters were engraved too. "People don't engrave anymore. Maybe its because it is so expensive" I remember my mother saying with a chuckle. They had a beautiful rounded edge covered with silver).
When the night was soon over Christian and I went to his parents hotel room where Christian’s father gave him a beautiful blessing. I’ll never forget that special moment.
To end the night Christian and I packed up all of my things in my room, loaded them in a truck and dumped them off at our new home. We stayed up until 1:00 am.