Tuesday, December 27, 2005

The Hatch.

Christian and I have been crazy about ‘Lost’ on Wednesday nights. I guess crazy is not adequate enough to express it. Obsessed is more fitting. I bought the first season for Christian for his birthday in November.
7 discs packed with endless lost-ness!!
We watched them all the next two weeks. Some nights we would stay up until 2:00 am because we couldn’t stop. It was taking its toll on other aspects of our marriage-a whole other story.
Currently the group stuck on the island has discovered a mysterious hatch. They have now gotten inside and are trying to understand what it is. Christian and I are fascinated with it and look forward to the progress with this puzzling hatch.

Yesterday Christian took the garbage out and came running inside; eyes blooming and face pail. He grabbed my hand and the flashlight and as we walked outside he whispered. “Don’t be scared OK”
My heart was racing and I was so nervous to see what he was leading me too.
There in the yard was a hole. The driveway and the grass had sunken into it like a mudslide. I peered over the edge and down about 9 feet to a cinderblock room. I was so confused. I jumped back and stood puzzled.
“What is it?”
I asked Christian. He had no idea. But looked at me as an eerie wind whipped around us. I got the chills.
“It is the hatch,” he said looking at me.
“The o t h e r s” I exclaimed slowly.
Then we ran back as fast as we could together in the house and locked the door.
Yes, yes, we have been watching too much Lost I know, but seriously the others could be down there, the mafia, dead bodies…this is New Jersey-the possibilities of what it is could be endless!

(Ok, so we asked the neighbor who has lived in his home when the area was built (40 years sgo) and he said that it is the old septic tank…gross. So there is pooh down there, still it is creepy)