Friday, December 30, 2005

"Crazy" by Claire

As I have told you before, Claire has a new talent: taking photos.

She loves to ask people to pose and then hear the camera make the 
CLICK noise.  So tonight before dinner she walked around the 
house and asked everyone to be "crazy".

"Be crazy mom." She urged me.
"OK, like this"  I say as I stick my tongue out.
"Umm, no, no like this", Claire says moving my hands in the air.
"Yes, like that....good mom."

Then Claire came to baby Ollie who was sitting on my lap,
and with the camera pointed at Ollie she said to him,
"Ollie be crazy". 
Ollie stares at Claire then slaps my face, (just like he does all day long).

"Ollie, I said be CRAZY!" Claire whines
Ollie stares at Claire then slaps my face again and
 slobber dribbles down his shirt.
"OLLIE, BE CRAZY!...ohhh whatever." 

"Ok Janey you're turn, be crazy."
"I don't want to Claire" Jane revolts.

"Jane, be CRAZY, please!"
Then after a few seconds of silence and Claire in ready position;
 the camera pointed at Jane, Claire finally concedes.
"Jane you are not being crazy...this will just have to do".

"Dad be crazy. Crazier, come on dad a little more crazier!" 

"Jimmy be........."